Sparks Insurance is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP)

ELPs earn recommendation through their track record of success and commitment to fantastic customer service!


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We are excited to announce our new status as an Endorsed Local Provider in the Dave Ramsey ELP Program — proudly serving the insurance needs of happy customers in Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.

What is the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) Program?

Dave Ramsey, celebrated radio host and business expert, put together the Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) Program so that he could help his listeners have great experiences from service providers.

Companies in the Endorsed Local Provider Program have been targeted as being the best of the best across customer service, trustworthiness, and expertise.

What Qualifies Sparks Insurance as an Endorsed Local Provider?

At our insurance agency, we have a proven track record of placing customer service as the utmost importance in everything we do. From the very first time a customer contacts us, they receive personalized, dedicated attention and the guarantee of satisfaction. We offer trustworthy professionals and expert advice and our customers consistently give us positive feedback and recognition.

Advantages of Doing Business with an Endorsed Local Provider

When you choose to do business with an Endorsed Local Provider, you are assured of working with a service provider that is committed to providing customer service that aligns perfectly with the high standards set by Dave Ramsey’s ELP Program requirements. For us, that includes offering our easy-to-use Baby Step Insurance Planning program, as well as this convenient Insurance Buying Guide.

Whatever your insurance needs, you can rely on us to help you navigate the assortment of insurance products you need to ensure the safety and security of your family, home and other property. Please contact us to learn more or to get a free quote. We’re ready to help!

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